Richard Watson  

Richard Watson Head of Film & Digital Restoration

Originally an industry runner, Richard often found himself in the film production rooms with a keen eye for attention to detail. His career evolved quickly, as he took his first footsteps editing film working for esteemed film editor Beryl Wilkins Embracing the advent of digital technology he seized upon the opportunity to set up a rushes department at a negative cutters company.

Continuing in this line of work until 2007 when he began to move into the specialism of film restoration work. With a genuine love of film, he has digitally restored a number of classics including the legendary Nosferatu and has won a Focal International Award for the Kinora Reels project as well as Footage Person of the Year in 2022. Check out his LinkedIn profile above and get in touch. Richard“s a huge Elvis fan, just don“t mention Col Tom Parker :)

3 things to know about Richard:

Most likely to say:   Don“t tell me the sky is the limit, when there“s footsteps on the Moon
Adores:   Pie & Mash and Charlton FC
Last film seen:   The Revenant