Jo Griffin  

Jo Griffin Chief Operating Officer

Jo's experience encompasses working on a number of projects in partnership with a roster of leading industry houses including Jim Henson, Columbia Tri-Star, Buena Vista, Walt Disney, Warner Bros, Sony Pictures, Channel4, British Film Institute, AP Archive & The Imperial War Museum. Her rich client experience, production knowledge and easy manner make her the perfect COO to manage our long-lasting relationships.

After heading up the Content & Restoration division at her previous position with Prime Focus, Jo is now the driving force behind R3StoreStudios in Poplar, bringing outstanding vision to the operation coupled with a practical and direct approach to delivery. get in touch through her LinkedIn profile here, or call us 0203 871 5300

3 things to know about Jo:

Most used Phrase:   No Worries
Adores:   Vodka, Chocolate & Alicia Keys
Film I really shouldn't like, but do:   Pitch Perfect