Film Preparation & Cleaning  

High quality film transfers begin with meticulous cleaning and preparation of your precious archives. Before our team begins processing your material, we carefully prepare each item by hand to ensure we can capture the sharpest transfer possible with our Scanity hardware equipment. Prior to even touching a piece of high quality scanning equipment, all materials go through our cleaning and preparation stage.

Our work enhances, invigorates and preserves historical archive footage. Using techniques that combine leading edge technical resources with the gentle reverence of experienced film craftsmen, every piece of film is fastidiously restored to enhance the contours and details of its message. Working with some of the world’s leading film archives, R3Store’s processes are more than simply capturing and digitising moving images. Exploring the nature and relevancy of the content is crucial to the work, dictating the fine use of colour grading and restorative techniques.

Film Cleaning

All our client material is run through our Ultrasonic Film Cleaner to remove any surface dirt which prepares the material ready for scanning. If the master material has already been prepared and cleaned we will supply direct to the scanning department in a suitable condition.

Once the master material has been identified and logged it undergoes physical inspection and preparation ready for scanning. This includes checking to ensure there is enough leader at the head and tail of the film to ensure it can run through the equipment and also to repair any loose film joins and sprocket damage. All of these processes are done with the care and attention to detail that comes as standard with a bespoke film cleaning studio, we care as much about your film as you do!