Our unique 10 step workflow to producing exceptional results

One of the most important tasks undertaken by R3store has been the prestigious Unlocking Film Heritage project. Commissioned by the British Film Institute, this task centres upon the monumental task of restoring, preserving and digitising over 10,000 pieces of nationally important film.

Working with a number of collections and museums, each piece of footage captures a lost piece of an essentially British legacy. Prior to the creation of R3store, the team began working on the project and have now worked on over 3000 titles and continue to do so.

However, it was not only the skill and technique exhibited by Gerry, Richard and Andrew that led them to become the go to people for the project. In working with many of the smaller archives, communication, delivery dates and service became amongst the most important demands. Due to a clear and defined process, this is where the team stood out from the other restoration houses involved in the project.

Our Work

We use technology & craftsmanship to r3store & digitally preserve the worlds analogue libraries for a global digital audience.