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The RGS releases films on BFI Player

Sep 28 2017

Over 120 films (many feature length) have been made available to watch for free on the BFI Player.

This stunning collection of films traverse the globe, whether it be ascending the Himalayan Peaks, sailing through mighty oceans or travelling through thickets of African jungle.

These films have been in storage at the BFI for the last 80 years but are now released to the public.

All films were scanned and graded by the team here at R3store Studios with many of the films also restored.

Discover a rich array of films, encompassing footage of pioneering explorers like Ralph Bagnold and John Noel, the meticulous recordings of RGS-sponsored geographical surveys, and amateur film deposited with the Society by diplomats such as Sir Clarmont Skrine.

As well as chronicling important expeditions, registering rare tribal customs, and capturing regions that have undergone dramatic change, the collection compiles a fascinating trove of nonfiction filmmaking craft, from the early Kodacolor exploits of George Sherriff to the technological innovations of Stewart Blacker and Dr. Hamilton Rice.

All now available via the BFI player here