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'The Case of the Scorpion's Tail' graded and restored for Arrow Video

Jul 26 2018

"Hello, this is Lisa. Yes, it's alright. Yes, his plane will be leaving in a few minutes. You know I'm dying to see you. Soon, hurry darling, I'll be waiting. Bye."

Sergio Martino’s 1971 feature The Case of the Scorpion’s Tale is coming to Arrow Video, graded and restored by our team here at R3store Studios.

The movie begins in London. Lisa has just heard that her husband is dead due to a horrific plane accident. Her fidelity to her husband is questionable. He was insured for one million dollars. Do you see where I’m going with this..?

Lisa must go to Athens to collect her insurance claim. Naturally suspicious, the insurance company send Peter, a private investigator, to ensure no funny business is going on. Despite developing a friendship and allegiance with her, Peter cannot ignore the suspicious nature of Lisa accepting the money in cash and fleeing to Tokyo. But Lisa might not just be the prime suspect in her husband’s murder; she may also be the prime target for other killers…

Lisa is played by Evelyn Stewart, one of the defining actors of the spaghetti western and giallo genres in the 60s and 70s. Similarly George Hilton, famous for being one of the Sartana actors, stars as Peter.

The Case of the Scorpion’s Tale alludes to locations all over the world – Italy, Greece, Japan – making it one of the most international giallo films of its time. This newly restored version in 2K will be sure to highlight the thrill of a continuously changing environment as the characters dart from city to city. This is a story well told against a backdrop of international scenery and sinister intent. 


By Jenny Collins and Josh Windeler.