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Testimonials - Some Kind Words

May 13 2017

We thought we would share with you some of the lovely things being said about the team here at R3Store Studios…

James White — Head of Restoration & Technical Services — Arrow Films

The team at R3store Studios matches world-class experience with a true passion for cinema. Full disclosure, I’ve known these folks for over a decade, way back when we were all working for other companies. Over the years we’ve restored numerous films together, and their professionalism of service, attention to detail, and all-around quality of work has always exceeded expectations. I think it’s worth a special mention that while R3store offers state-of-the-art digital services, they've also managed to maintain something incredibly valuable but sadly increasingly elusive in this industry - that being a world-class knowledge when it comes to all photochemical/film-based matters. It’s clear that the team at R3store care deeply about the work they do, and the projects we do together are a testament to this.

Alex Hutchinson — Heritage Manager — Nestle

Jo and her team effectively gave us the keys to our film archive by making it fully accessible to us for the first time. They helped bring it to life because their digitization and restoration isn't just high quality, it's beautiful. Jo is great to work with because she is as invested in our collection as we are, and understands what our business needs and when we need it.

Charlotte Procter —  LUX Moving Image

Working with the team at R3store continues to be such a rewarding experience  - we really appreciate their expertise and patience. Our collection of artist-made films is very specialist but the results have been exceptional due to everyone at R3store's talent and professionalism.

Doug Weir – British Film Institute

Restore Studios bespoke services are up there with the best of them when it comes to remastering film materials for BFI DVD, Bluray and Theatrical distribution. The team are very well equipped with tackling the challenges that may arise when dealing with archive film materials and always work closely with the client to achieve nothing but the best results.

Philip Hinds — Index Stock Shots

Needing some 35mm film negative urgently scanned to 2K, we were introduced to R3Store Studios by Sandra Coelho of Lola Clips. R3Store’s facilities at Poplar Business Park are a very welcome addition in this area of London and I was impressed by the efficient service provided by Jo Griffin and team. Not just the fast turnaround but the very reasonable pricing structure.

On a subsequent job, manual digital restoration also proved necessary and, despite a looming deadline, clean files were ready on cue. High resolution stock footage from 35mm film is often required late in the post production process when time and budgets are seemingly exhausted. R3Store Studios delivers quality results, whilst also addressing the challenge of tight schedules and economy of cost.