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R3store Studios Speak at Broadcast Tech Archive Forum

Nov 23 2017

On 22nd November at the BFI Southbank, Broadcast held its first Archive Forum. Organised by Jake Bickerton and his team the event comprised of a number of sessions looking at the practical and business implications of archiving and also a focus on the process of restoring old film, tape and digital archives.

The first session of the day looked at the work The Associated Press did with R3store on the scanning and grading of the only 35mm copy of Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s wedding. Whilst all the coverage of the day was recorded on tape Movietone were the only ones to cover the event on film. With the 20th Anniversary of Diana’s death approaching AP made the decision to transfer this footage to 4K. The amazing results can be viewed here

Our COO Jo Griffin took her place on the panel alongside Jenny Hammerton from the AP to give an overview of the process and some of the challenges that were overcome undertaking this project.

The rest of the morning featured 3 other sessions; A Live Archive Restoration conducted by Patrick from Digital Vision, A discussion on how production companies manage their archives and a demo from LaCie and Quantum on their platforms.

The afternoon session kicked off with a Panel discussion featuring Jo (Again!!) and our Commercial Director Matt Wills. Also on the panel was John Pegg from Pinewood Studios and Adrian Bull from Cinelab.

This panel discussion was focussed on Archive Film Restoration and each company gave a short overview of a recent project. R3store gave an insight into the work that was done on the grade and restoration of the film “The Apartment” on behalf of Arrow Films. The finished film is released in Dec, keep an eye on our website for some great examples of the work we have done on this film — coming soon!

The afternoon rounded off with 2 session looking at archiving in the cloud and how post production facilities treat their clients archive.

It was a very interesting day as there were multiple viewpoints on archive, how to manage it, where to store it and what to do with it!

R3store were delighted to be involved and we are really glad that archive is getting more attention year by year – Roll on next year’s event!

Well done to Jake and his team.