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R3Store Studios Need Filmmakers

Jun 30 2017

Are you a talented film maker? Do you want to be part of the launch of a new brand in Film Archive?

We need you to tell us how you would make a short film for our company that would tell the world about what we are doing in the world of film. We are a high-profile film restoration and archive business based in East London with some very big clients, this is your chance to catapult your career if you're the winner.

The Process is as follows...

  1. Submit a treatment to us via info@r3storestudios.com

  2. If your film is selected as the best – you get access to our facility to shoot and access to some of the amazing material we have worked on.

  3. Make the film and you also win a £250 cash prize!

  4. We will use the film to promote R3Store and credit you all the way!

Check out our website to see what we are about, do have read through the website to understand what we do.  Submit your treatment to info@r3storestudios.com by August 13th 2017 (EXTENDED DEADLINE) and remember to give us your contact details. 

Good luck and remember the wise words of Jean Luc Godard "A story should have a beginning, a middle and an end… but not necessarily in that order."