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R3store grades and restores Killer Klowns for Arrow Video

Feb 15 2018

"Don't worry Dave, all we want to do is kill you."

- Jumbo

Our restoration of the 1988 horror-comedy film Killer Klowns from Outer Space for Arrow Video is now complete!

We had a blast collaborating with our friends at Arrow Video on this cult classic. It was the only film to be written and directed by the Chiodo Brothers, who also produced. The Chiodo Brothers are a trio of special effects artists who specialise in clay modelling, animatronics, and stop motion, and their expertise in this area is truly at the heart of Killer Klowns. They’ve even done claymation for several episodes of The Simpsons. They made such a name for themselves that they were the namesake for Michigan’s post-hardcore band Chiodos!

Killer Klowns tells the story of a clan of evil alien-clowns who invade Earth in order to kill and harvest the human race. Due to their comedic appearance and their ridiculous weapons (who wouldn’t love a popcorn gun?) the fears of the young people in the town are not taken seriously. Armed with an ice cream van, our young heroes attempt to rescue their friends and fight the alien invaders. Remember – aim for the nose!

The popcorn gun was the most expensive prop of the film – at $7000 and taking six weeks to build – all worth it for a final product that could actually propel popcorn! Furthermore the rented vehicles took some damage: one was driven off a bridge while another needed $3,000 of repairs after it was filled with webbing containing a solvent that damaged the interior.

Killer Klowns comes out on Blu-ray on March 26th - you can pre-order your copy here.

By Jenny Collins