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'My Generation' presented by Michael Caine

May 30 2018

Sir Michael Caine isn't afraid to reminisce in My Generation, a new documentary detailing his personal journey through 1960s London.

Caine has spent the last six years working on this project which takes him to the doorstep of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Twiggy, revisiting the legends of the decade’s music scene and recounting the birth of pop culture in the nation’s capital.

The documentary has been described as a love letter to the artistic and cultural change that the 60s brought about. As Peter Bradshaw writes for The Guardian, ‘The welfare state, a growing economy, free education and the pill created the conditions for postwar freedom and anti-establishment irreverence.’ Classism in particular is a theme throughout the film, with Caine himself stating ‘For the first time in history the young working class stood up for ourselves and said, we’re here, this is our society and we’re not going away!’

The film’s use of archive footage, scanned by our team here at R3store Studios, has been widely praised, particularly in one sequence where we see Caine drive through Piccadilly Circus today; this footage is overlaid with 1960s archive film in a moment of extraordinary nostalgia in which one feels they could perhaps reach back through the generations.

As Jay Weissberg writes for Variety, ‘Freedom from convention was the hallmark of a social revolution that impacted everything from art, music and clothing to changing concepts of morality.’ My Generation certainly addresses art, music, and morality, particularly highlighting the age-old contention between older and younger generations. It might even be suggested that the rebellious defenders of 1960s youth culture have now grown into the critics of today’s disrespectful millennials, and that in a few decade’s time we will be watching Daniel Radcliffe interview Arctic Monkeys and reminisce on the good ole’ days.


With over 1000 hours of material scanned for this project, My Generation is now also going to become a four part TV series, with more to follow I am sure if it is a success - and we can’t see how it won’t be, since we have seen the content!


By Jenny Collins