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Arrow Distribution - New Material

May 14 2017

This month we have had the pleasure of doing some work for our great friends at Arrow Distribution.

We have been working with them to bring 3 classic titles up to date; “Terror in a Texas Town” – R3Store Studios Graded and Restored title in 2K – The 1958 Classic is directed by Joseph Lewis and stars Sterling Hayden.

The Plot – When Swedish-American whaler George Hanson returns to his Texas hometown after 20 years at sea, he’s shocked to learn that his father was murdered just two days prior. The local sheriff won’t do anything about it, so George investigates on his own and discovers that an oil speculator had has father killed. Enraged, and armed only with a speargun, George goes looking for justice.


“The Slayer” – R3Store Studios Graded and Restored title in 2K” – The 1982 slasher horror Film directed by J.S. Cardone and stars Sarah Kendall gained notoriety in the 1980’s when it was classified a video nasty in the UK.

The Plot — Two young couples set off to a secluded island for what promises to be a restful retreat. But the peace is short-lived: as a storm batters the island, troubled artist Kay begins to sense that a malevolent presence is here with them, stalking them at every turn. Is she losing her mind, or are her childhood nightmares of a demonic assailant coming to terrifying life?


“Evil Ed” – R3Store Studios Restored title in 2K” – The 1985 Horror Comedy movie was directed by Anders Jacobsson and is a satire towards the harsh censoring that the Swedish government were enacting at that time.

The Plot – Siblings, Eric and his surreal artist sister Kay, her doctor husband David, her sister-in-law Brooke along with pilot Marsh become stranded on a rugged isle face off against a supernatural beast drawn to Kay who dreams of its killings.

All coming out on Blu-Ray soon — get some popcorn and be ready to be afraid… :)