Gerry Gedge  

Gerry Gedge Head of Grading

Since the start of his career in the industry way back in 1983, Gerry has worked on a considerable range of challenging projects across film production. His expertise has won him two Royal Television Society awards for his work on the documentaries The Second World War in Colour and The British Empire in Colour. Gerry started as a sound technician and has vast experience across most studio skills, today we“re proud to know him as Head of Grading for us at R3StoreStudios

More recently his skills have seen him mastering libraries for Movietone, Olympic Television and Archive Bureau and the BBC among others. His specialisms include digitisation of films and colour grading. We scan film at up to 4k resolution on a DFT Scanity HDR scanner, and grade media in a Digital Vision Nucoda suite. Get in touch with Gerry through his LinkedIn profile above or call the studio on 020 3871 5300.

3 things to know about Gerry:

Most over-used phrase:   Shall we discuss this in the Pub?
Adores:   Beer & Jazz
Best film, last 3 years:   The Theory of Everything