Leonardo Lotti  

Leonardo Lotti Studio Assistant

Since his father bought home Pink Floyd's “Delicate Sound of Thunder” from his local video rental store, Leo has been addicted to music and film. 

He formed a band, became a professional musician when he was a teenager and cut two records in the mid 00’s, one for Sony Music (Epic Label) and another one for Warner Music Chappell.

An avid record and movie collector, Leo is always on the lookout for the latest remasters/restorations of his beloved movies. This lifelong passion inspired him to join our team and get to know absolutely everything he can about film restoration and preservation. 

You can contact Leo with any questions or queries via email.

3 things to know about Leo:

Often heard saying:   Absolutely
Adores:   Deluxe box sets, books, records, 5.1 surround sound and his wife, family, and friends 
Favourite Film:   Saturday Night Fever