Declan Fioré  

Declan Fioré Studio Assistant

I've always wanted to be a video-editor ever since I was young, at the age of 10 I made my first short film and was taught to edit by my Grandad. He taught me everything he knew, and I've continued to learn over the last 12 years through making my own short films with family and friends, eventually leading to my passion of Directing. My Uncle is a huge inspiration to me, he started making films at a young age and continued throughout his life. He taught me as a writer to never give up on an idea however hard it is and he taught me as a filmmaker to make my film no matter what.

Over my film-making journey I've fallen in love with Analogue Film, and marvel over the film-restoration process. I've been learning Colour Grading myself over the years in a hope to eventually work on restoring and grading Film, hopefully to put out newly restored film on Blu-Ray or 4k one day.

3 things to know about Dec:

Most Used Phrase:  “I have it on Blu-Ray!"
Adores: Collecting physical media
Favourite Film: Donnie Darko (2001)